Posted by: danielle | March 16, 2014


Hey team

Today imma talk about problems.  Because they suck.  But I think that a lot of people don’t know the ways to deal with their problems so that they suck less.  Let’s begin.

First of all, let’s talk about social media in the context of problems.  If I had a dime for every time someone posted an inane Facebook status or Tweet about how difficult their life was, I could probably buy a decent-sized country.  Posting on social media is an incredibly common way to whine about one’s problems, and it is arguably the single most annoying.  We could argue the purpose of social media all day and for several days afterward, but I think that there’s a least somewhat of a consensus that it’s not there for you to complain about your problems.  


That leads me to my next point: We’ve all got problems.

Honest.  Not a single person on the face of this hasn’t got any problems.  Nobody.  Bill Gates?  He’s got problems.  Channing Tatum?  Hard to believe, I know, but I bet my college fund he’s got his own difficulties.  

As a result of this, a lot of one another’s problems may seem pretty mundane.  I myself am guilty of thinking to myself “oh, Kim’s* life is so much easier than mine, she should just stop whining because she doesn’t even know what real problems are”.  And yeah, to me, she doesn’t.  Nobody does!  Nobody else on the face of this earth has any idea what anyone else is going through.  Nobody.  So yeah, my problems seem like the end of the world to me because they’re the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.  Just like Kim’s life seems so easy to me, but to her she could be in the most stressful situation she’s ever encountered.  And I don’t mean to single anyone out here, but this is especially applicable to older people talking to younger people.  Sure, I don’t have kids or a mortgage or a sucky office job, but when you were a teenager don’t you remember those AP statistics tests being the most stressful thing that ever happened to you?

So let’s all just be a little more patient with one another.  Because we don’t know each other as well as we think we do.

This being said, I think that we can all agree that in order to minimize having to be so understanding, which takes a lot of patience that I, at least, don’t have, we should all be a little quieter about what’s ticking us off in life.  Yes, it’s rough that your bus was late today.  That’s happened to me before and it was a total nightmare.  Is it worthy of venting to me for a solid seven minutes while I’m trying to do my AP lit homework at the last minute?  Decidedly not.  This is especially true via social networks.  These networks have the tremendous power to be able to spread the same message to the attention of millions upon millions of people.  And yet we choose to spread problems?  We don’t need to spread problems!! They’re already everywhere!!  Post about something that made your day awesome, instead!  Post about how grateful you are that you did, in fact, ace that AP stats test!  Share that with the world!  Spread positivity!


So that’s the message I want y’all to take away from this, dPosse.  Life’s hard.  Let’s not make it any harder.


peace out girl scout


*names have been changed and stuff yknow how it is

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